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Black Tourmaline & Howlite Necklace

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Made with 8mm Black Tourmaline & Howlite beads. A large clear quartz point focal bead finishes off this long beaded necklace. Quartz point measures approximately 12x66mm. 

The spacer beads are gold electroplated hematite. I love using electroplated hematite because 1-it's a stone! 2-unlike plated beads, the plating will not wear off, and 3-they don't tarnish! 

Hangs at 20 inches. Length is approximate as each necklace is unique and they each hang differently on different bodies.

I used black tourmaline for its grounding and protective qualities, howlite for its calming qualities and clear quartz to amplify it all.

You will receive this exact necklace. Please keep in mind each piece is made from natural materials, so it may vary slightly from the picture. Each stone is unique, just like the person who wears it! Also please keep in mind colour may be slightly different in person as it can show up differently from device to device.

Howlite is a calming stone which can aid in sleeping, calming an overactive mind and also stress relief. Physically, it calms the body and helps release muscle tension. It is said to reduce pain brought about by stress and to aid in healing stress-related injuries such as ulcers, heart problems and rashes. Focusing on a piece of howlite can assist in journeying outside the body and gaining insight from past lives. Howlite opens and prepares the mind to receive the energies and wisdom of attunements.

Black Tourmaline Description coming soon.