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Crystal Essentials Bundle

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These are the essentials. The powerhouse crystals that I believe build a strong foundation to every collection.

Your new gems have all been hand selected, I got really quiet and listened to my intuition when selecting the crystals for each bundle. They have been thoroughly cleansed, charged under the full moon, and then I blessed them myself, charging them up with the most loving Reiki vibes. 

Each bundle comes in a cotton drawstring bag, includes a description card for each gemstone, and instructions on how to care for and program your crystals. 

The Crystals:
Clear Quartz - The Amplifier and Master Healing Stone
Rose Quartz - Love Yourself Deeply
Amethyst - Spiritual Growth
Black Tourmaline - The Protector 
Please keep in mind your crystals are precious gifts from the earth, no two stones are the same, just like no two people are the same, so your crystals may vary slightly from the picture.