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Small Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Generator Gemstone

Small Clear Quartz Generator

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These are some really visually interesting pieces. They are more clear at the top and cloudier at the base. Some of them have really neat ingrown inclusions and natural cracks within that create beautiful rainbow patterns. 

Generators are used as tools for generating, concentrating and projecting energy. Perfect for your alter, grid work, energy healing, amplifying the energy of a room or decorating any home or workspace.

Base measures approximately 1 x 1.5 inches.
Height measures approximately 1.5-2 inches.

You will receive a generator similar to one of these. Please email or direct message on social media if you'd like to see more photos or video to choose your exact piece before you buy.

This item has been handpicked and will be cleansed and infused with reiki energy.

Quartz is considered to be a master healing stone. It's a high vibrating stone that can increase spiritual wisdom and help you reach transcendental states during meditation. It not only amplifies your energy and thoughts making it an ideal stone to program with your intentions but also amplifies the energy of other gemstones it touches. It's one of the most versatile stones out there making it an excellent stone to start with if you're just getting into crystal healing.